Very First Company to Introduce Chatbot in Nepal!

Every day, as technology advances, new technologies emerge to make manual work easier and more convenient. Every day, we strive to add value to your business and find new ways to improve the customer experience.

First of all, the impact of information technology on a company’s capacity is directly linked with consumer satisfaction. Companies must communicate with customers immediately and effectively in today’s competitive market conditions.

When customers connect with a company via technology, the company benefits because greater interaction promotes a stronger brand reputation.

After analyzing this all, we did our best to create fairly new technology and provide Nepal’s market with an extremely new concept in customer service. This is known as a “Chatbot.” It helps in identifying customer queries and addressing them in real time.

Palm Mind Technology has been the very first company to develop a chatbot in Nepal, named PalmBot. At that time, most of them didn’t have knowledge about chatbots, so we worked hard to raise awareness in the Nepal market about chatbots, and today look at us working with different leading companies in Nepal and earning trust day by day.

In these 3 years, we have already earned 35+ clients by having a live Palm Mind chatbot in Nepal. And still, we are working days and nights to make chatbots intelligent in every possible way. We have faith that we will lead and make our mark on every client’s business that we work with.

We just want to remember and give thanks to those who have trusted us when we had nothing but a concept to work with. You all gave us a way to show our portfolio to evolving clients and potential customers.

And let your business also flourish with our Palmbot, developed by Plam Mind Technology. We ensure that if you choose us, you will get the best return on investment on your business since we maintain our promises and believe in demonstrating our outcomes via work rather than words.

In recent days, chatbots have become quite familiar with people, and they are preferred by people of all ages because they are more comfortable interacting with and solving their problems with robots than with people.

“Palm Mind Technology,” Nepal’s quality-based chatbot company, never fails to amaze our customers through our hard work and sincerity. We have come a long way in the area of conversational chatbots and are highly experienced with AI-based conversational chatbots.

We focus not only on the development process but also on security protocols to provide the greatest level of security. We understand how to build and illustrate your company’s ideas using our chatbot, allowing your consumers to interact with the chatbot and discover its capabilities.

Over 65 percent of Nepali people choose guided conversational since it is easier and can be done in a short period of time, whereas 35 percent love going through the typing process. The main issue with typing in Nepal’s chatbot is that some potential customers type their queries in Roman Nepali and some use the full Nepali language to interact with the chatbot, which we can address by using NLP and NLU and building an AI-based system to understand each word’s intent and respond to it. These types of problems can be addressed by Nepal’s chatbot company, Palm Mind Technology.

Currently, more than 3 million people utilize chatbots in Nepal. Businesses are creating their best artificial intelligence chatbots to interact 1:1 with customers and coworkers. AI Automated chatbots may also execute a variety of tasks, such as marketing and advertising, customer interaction, management and administrative chores, and many more.

As the market for chatbot solutions has increased in Nepal, the company that builds chatbot technologies has gotten into practice. Moreover, not all of the chatbots are built equally, and more of them call themselves AI bots without having AI features. Which every business should be aware of.

If you have any additional questions regarding our chatbot solution, please contact us so that we can explain how our PlamBot works. We are always delighted to assist businesses of all sizes attain the elegance they desire. This is the ideal moment to consider what your consumers’ demands are and how you may meet them as a successful business.

Finally, I want to emphasize that this is an investment that you will never regret, in fact this is an Investment for the Future.

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