How the use of Chatbot can benefit your business?

A decade ago, while standing in long lines to pay electricity, water, or telephone bills, no one would have ever thought that they would be able to pay their bills from a smartphone within a few seconds. But surprisingly, today, most of us are making such payments through digital wallets like eSewa, Khalti, and mobile […]

Why chatbot is an investment for future?

Investment For Future: It’s a very precise terms to define and also all of the Nepalis and worldwide business vendor should have this vision in the way towards their success in order to achieve the target. How can we identify future? Wait, it’s just a prediction that your business can or can’t lead in the […]

Very First Company to Introduce Chatbot in Nepal!

Every day, as technology advances, new technologies emerge to make manual work easier and more convenient. Every day, we strive to add value to your business and find new ways to improve the customer experience. First of all, the impact of information technology on a company’s capacity is directly linked with consumer satisfaction. Companies must communicate […]

Why every business should adopt Virtual Assistance?

I don’t enjoy sitting around waiting for something that could be done in a couple of minutes. So, how about you? Obviously, no one enjoys waiting for services, and while 94 percent of consumers polled feel waiting 5-10 minutes or less than that is fair, that doesn’t indicate they’re pleased about it; 48% believe your business […]

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